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HVVHQ: Conversations

06 June 2017



A compilation of conversational snippets amongst the HVVHQ team.

Enjoy :)


HVV Girlfriends: Jemma Wei

31 May 2017


Hey guys, it's Jemma guestblogging for Her Velvet Vase!


I don't know where you guys get your sense of style from,

but I definitely take cues from my environment - from people around me,

pop culture, personal preference of colour and cut..

and so when Her Velvet Vase asked me to pen a piece detailing my

five recommendations for totally underrated TV series to catch, I was so down.


Here are five relatively underrated shows I love,

and with characters who's wardrobe I'd totally want to steal:


HVV Stylist: Work / Play

29 May 2017


Hi HVV girls,

Today we'll be exploring how to pair two upcoming pieces (a corporate dress & an asymmetrical skirt) with various bags.

We've centred our suggestions around simple everyday occasions and various styles. 


#HVVGirl’s Upcoming Events: Mark Your Style

23 May 2017


Hey #HVVGirls!

Don’t let the current heat spell get the better of you – we’ve earmarked a few upcoming events

that might appeal to flower-lovers and foodies alike.


Read on for more details and event outfit suggestions

featuring some upcoming pieces.


HVVHQ Interns: Past & Present

16 May 2017



Some of us might remember what life was like back when we were interns.

Feeling small/as if you're in the midst of giants (read: grown-ups), having bouts of cluelessness

and grappling with a steep learning curve is all part and parcel of the experience.


Regardless of whether your internship(s) went well, so-so or terrible (yikes),

we all know how hard it is for interns to have their voice heard and for credit/praise to come their way.


In this blog post, we wanted to take this opportunity to give our interns (past and present)

a platform and an opportunity to share their experience here at HVVHQ.

You'll also be able to see HVV through their eyes and (hopefully) learn a new thing or two about us!

HVV Girlfriends: Melissa Chue

12 May 2017



For the month of May,
the multi-hyphenate Melissa Chue (marketer, content creator, writer/blogger, photographer) introduces us to...


5 Hole-in-the-Wall Cafes for a Perfect Afternoon Hideout in Singapore

#HVVGIRL'S Annette Lace Kimono Playsuit

08 May 2017

Coming up this week at HVV:



Annette is a playsuit that's pretty and dressy enough to be worn on outings and dates.

It's also hassle-free, keeping you comfortable and cool thanks to its roomy cut and a few deliberate details.

Explore more below the cut!

HVV Stylist: Nu Bra 101

04 May 2017



TGIF HVVgirls!

Summer's in, the sun's out and we're all sweating buckets.


'Tis the season for breezy fabrics and cooling cuts - especially low back/backless pieces.


If you're thinking of baring your back this Summer,

we're here to help on the underwear (read: bra) front!


You'll find a quick guide on mastering the Nu Bra and maintaining it well below the cut.

HVV Moodboard: Tried-and-true

02 May 2017

Coming up this week at HVV:




Amidst the scorching heat, we're eschewing layers altogether

and gravitating towards a literal interpretation of the 'less is more' rule.


Our upcoming collection lets texture do the talking.

Tactile pieces in light and placid hues sport Summer trends/details with a utilitarian twist.

They'll look great on a sunny day out and endeavour to keep you as cool as possible.


Under the cut: sneaks of an upcoming textured jumpsuit!


HVV Pop-Up: 5W1H

25 April 2017



Hello HVVgirls, it's time for another update!

You must have quite a few questions regarding our upcoming pop-up

so we decided to compile an informative blog post following the '5W1H' format.

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