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#HVVGIRL's Upcoming Events: Atypical Adventures

26 July 2016



Inspired by the atypical, we've assembled some pretty eclectic clothes with unexpected design twists this week. 

 Here's a sneak peek at some our standout picks from the collection + some equally unique events that you might want to wear them to!

HVV Moodboard: Stirring Hearts

20 July 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:





peach purse

Fluid accents and soft structures (think flutter sleeves and asymmetrical drapes) in moving materials

that set out to evoke wistfulness and a fluttering of emotions. 

HVV Stylist: Mixing Prints

18 July 2016


“In design, bi-polarness is very important. Things that do not work together fundamentally create a dialogue. They create friction.

And I think it’s very important that you have friction within things, especially in clothing." - J.W.Anderson


The fashion world's preoccupation with contrast and mixing things up (often to jarring, weird and wonderful degrees) will never die.

You see it every season, on every runway, on every 'It-girl'/influencer's outfit.

Seeing how we've got a few printed pieces coming up this week at HVV,

we'll show you how to tackle fashion's contrast game - the 'prints-on-prints' way.

HVV Stylist: 3 Unconventional Summer Looks

12 July 2016



The recent rise in temperature has us all hot and bothered and it's affecting our outfit choices too.

You're probably taking a good look at your outfit choices these days to determine if they're actually

a) hot-weather-tolerable/wearable

b) presentable.

 But if you're looking to exceed expectations with an extra criteria - c) unique - we've got you covered as well.

Street Style: Mist Blue & Dust Rouge

08 July 2016

 Coming up this week at HVV: 



 The spotlight's on two very special shades - Mist Blue & Dust Rouge.

Now, we could wax lyrical about how universally-flattering and exquisite these unique hues look when worn;

we could also make a case for their year-round-appropriateness and point out how they exude a refined, romanticism and femininity

but we've decided to let some street-style pictures do the talking instead.  


#HVVGIRL's Dress Code Guide

05 July 2016


 Clueless when faced with a 'business casual' dress code?

Confused as to what's the difference between 'black tie' and 'white tie'?

Fret not!

We've broken the various dress codes down for you with examples and some recommendations.


#HVVGIRL's Summer Romance Movies

28 June 2016

As far as seasons go in Singapore, we've resigned ourselves to a perpetual summer-state of affairs.

This might be why the idea of a 'summer romance' sounds foreign to us equatorial dwellers. 



 On the other side of the world - especially in the USA - a 'summer romance' refers to a relationship formed during summer vacation/break.

Generally speaking, summer romances are usually brief and passionate affairs as partners go their own way once the season is over

(presumably due to other life commitments/goals that comes with some physical distance and constraints).


 However, at the heart of things, summer romances are still relationships and some turn out to be meaningful and enduring.


HVV Moodboard: Tendresse Tales

22 June 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:



 A charm-filled collection that draws from whimsical and divine elements; translating dreams into reality.


HVV Moodboard: Lady of the Manor

13 June 2016

Coming up this week at HVV: 




A collection offering striking simplicity with an easy elegance

as we explore the intimate relationship between a lady and her house.

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