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Detail sneaks: Portraits of a Lady

20 January 2017

Coming up this week at HVV:

We've got a visual feast coming your way.

Featuring unique lace designs in sweet and succulent hues,

these upcoming pieces boast design details for style, comfort and practicality.  

HVVGIRL's Alternative CNY Colours

16 January 2017


This might be the period for 'seeing red' (i.e. red-coloured clothing)

but not every lady is inclined to be decked out in this shade for the entire duration of the Lunar New Year.


In an ode to individuality and all the renegades out there,

we'd like to propose 4 alternative shades for your outfits this CNY.


The colours below the cut are light and Spring-appropriate

whilst retaining an air of subtlety, sophistication and self-assurance.

We hope they'll encourage you to feel comfortable in your own skin (and style) throughout the festive season.



HVV Moodboard: Blushing Blooms

12 January 2017


In step with Spring,

we'll be weaving some indulgent floral motifs onto various silhouettes in our upcoming collection.

Set against complementary prints, the following designs range from sultry to sweet.

We hope they'll help you flaunt your feminine form and set hearts aflutter this season.   

HVV Moodboard: Hanna Marin

09 January 2017

As January moves along and we draw nearer to the upcoming Lunar New Year,

you'll be seeing a lot more intricate and detailed designs from HVV.


This week, we'll be dropping sneaks of our upcoming pieces alongside one of our favourite on-screen characters Hanna Marin.

Hanna hails from the mystery-thriller television series 'Pretty Little Liars' and is an incredibly human and humorous young lady.

We can relate to her weight struggles, her love for fashion, her sassy attitude and timely one-liners in a heartbeat.



Below the cut, you'll discover that Hanna also shares our love for exquisite lace, defined waistlines and pleats.

HVVGIRL CNY Outfit Ideas

05 January 2017


The Lunar New Year could be considered the biggest occasion for most Singaporean ladies.


For those who might be mulling (or stressing) over what to wear - fret not!

We've got you covered with a mixture of styles and some sneaks from our upcoming collection.


Our outfit suggestions are grouped according to various settings usually encountered during the festive season:

HVV Stylist Answers: 'What clothes should I wear if I have thick calves?'

03 January 2017



Happy New year hvvgirls!

We hope 2017's been good for you thus far.


Question: What clothes should I wear if I have thick calves?

(Calves refer to the back portion of the lower leg.)

HVV Moodboard: Peaches & Cream

27 December 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:




Our upcoming collection revolves around luscious pastel concoctions that happen to be delectable and demure at the same time.

A lightness of style, fabric and design co-exist alongside ornate and ritzy details (e.g. embellishments, flares, gathers) - the perfect combination for dressy days.

Below the cut, we delve into the noteworthy colours of our upcoming pieces.

#HVVGIRL's Essentials: Eyelet & Linen

22 December 2016


Is it just us or has the weather been mercilessly hot these few days?

The struggle is real when you want to pull on a dressy outfit but have to compromise with more casual pieces due to the heat.


A possible solution for our #equatorproblems? Our upcoming dresses: Fleur and Petunia. 

HVV Moodboard: All Wrapped Up

19 December 2016



With Christmas and 2017 just around the corner, we hope you'll join us in sending off 2016 in style.

Whether you've got Christmas dinners, New Year's Eve parties or a quiet gathering to attend, our upcoming designs will take you through them all.

#HVVGIRL's Tatler Pleat Dress

13 December 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:

Just when you think you've seen it all (when it comes to pleated designs), Tatler comes along ;)

Our upcoming dress fits and flatters like a pro - making it an absolute delight to wear.

With a unique overlay and asymmetrical pleat design, Tatler boasts a plethora of winsome details that can be discovered below the cut.

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