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Travel in comfort & style - the #HVVGIRL way

15 April 2016


Coming up this week at HVV: 

header travel


As we close in on the half-year mark for 2016, some of us might be feeling a little... restless and overwhelmed with life (we feel you).

Possible solution: A getaway! 

HVV Moodboard: On Pointe

12 April 2016


Coming up this week at HVV:

ballet fashion


Captivating ballet-inspired designs exuding serenity, grace and charm that will help you rise en pointe everyday.

HVV Moodboard: Marquee Fête

08 April 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:

play time


Happy Sunday #hvvgirls!


Can you guess what's in store this week?

HVV Moodboard: She's a Lady

06 April 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:

celeb pastelss

We're currently inspired by some prolific and stylish women who were spotted rocking pastels in their own unique way.

The genteel hues transitioned from edgy street-style looks to chic, ladylike get-ups with ease.

Her Velvet Vase's 9th Birthday Q&A!

04 April 2016

If you've been following us on Snapchat, we've recently concluded a Q&A series in celebration of our 9th birthday!

For those of you who missed out on the fun, fret not - we've compiled the entire list below:

q and a 9th bday

#HVVGIRL's Passport: April/May 2016

01 April 2016



Stay tuned for more!


HVV Stylist: Cropped Trousers for Everyone

29 March 2016


Greetings #hvvgirls!

Here's a quick cheat sheet on how to select cropped trousers for your body shape/build.


HVV Moodboard: Corporate Brunch

22 March 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:


Ladies who lunch, lunch and learn.


This week, we were particularly inspired by the corporate brunch scene:

A sea of smart looks (worn by even smarter people) amidst casual sunlit settings.

HVV Moodboard: Daytime Reverie

16 March 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:





HVV Stylist: Pleated Culottes & how to wear them

09 March 2016

Hello #hvvgirls!  

Did you know: Women's culottes first appeared on active Victorian ladies as a sort of 'divided skirt' that granted them the freedom to ride bikes and horses properly.

We don't know about you, but that sounds pretty liberating and all sorts of awesome to us. Yay for culottes! 

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