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HVV Inspiration: Brands we love

25 May 2016



In the spirit of our upcoming collection ('Atelier Romantique'),

we'd like to share some of our favourite brands and their work spaces.


#HVVGIRL's Pick: 1 item, 3 ways

20 May 2016

Hello #hvvgirls!

While everyone's eagerly counting down to payday, stretch your dollar (and wardrobe)

by investing in pieces that can be worn & styled in multiple ways. 

 eyelet blouse savannah

 As an example, we've featured our brand new Marrakech Eyelet Blouse across 3 different looks:

HVV Moodboard: The Soft Spot

17 May 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:




Soft spots aren't always about weaknesses or Achilles heels.

Rooted in human inclinations, soft spots can also translate into fervent feelings

and preferences that constitute a core part of who we are as individuals.


HVV Moodboard: Saccharine Splendour

11 May 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:




 Have you ever wondered about modern-day princesses? 

In reality, what do they wear? What do they do?


HVV STYLIST: Summer looks

06 May 2016




With the weather beating down our backs and being an absolute tyrant,

we've decided to launch a line-up of chic pieces that are as wearable as they are stylish!



HVV Moodboard: Pastel Boudoir

05 May 2016

Our latest collection:  


We took the idea of 'casual luxe' - a juxtaposition of uptown and downtown styles - put our signature HVV twist to things and voilà!

HVV Moodboard: Between the Lines

27 April 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:

At Her Velvet Vase, we believe in living a gentle but powerful life. There is a certain allure about a

strong, independent woman clad in gentle, luxurious fabrics - her clothes complementing her character

and strong will; allowing her to accomplish her daily goals with style, ease and grace.

Travel in comfort & style - the #HVVGIRL way

15 April 2016


Coming up this week at HVV: 

header travel


As we close in on the half-year mark for 2016, some of us might be feeling a little... restless and overwhelmed with life (we feel you).

Possible solution: A getaway! 

HVV Moodboard: On Pointe

12 April 2016


Coming up this week at HVV:

ballet fashion


Captivating ballet-inspired designs exuding serenity, grace and charm that will help you rise en pointe everyday.

HVV Moodboard: Marquee Fête

08 April 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:

play time


Happy Sunday #hvvgirls!


Can you guess what's in store this week?

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