HVV 12th Birthday Giveaway - 3 winning entries

Mar 22, 2019

"I'm a first-time-mum to a beautiful healthy baby girl. It was a difficult journey for me during her newborn days. I was alone and clueless in handling my little darling. I went into the deep dark hole of post partum depression and only managed to breastfeed her for 3.5 months which made me feel like I failed as a mother. I struggled and fought it hard. I tried to reach out to some people but I guess they were not sure how to help me and eventually categorised my cry for help as drama. After a few months, with help and support from a mummy group, I became better and now believe that I am giving my best to my miracle baby. Fighting depression while trying to give my best in caring for my baby is not just a 'small' win for me, it is a win that made me know the extent of what I am capable of and taught me lessons from the mistakes I made." - BL

"My sharing of a small win in 2019: Overcoming the challenges faced when slammed with news of a brain tumour. From undergoing surgery and radiation and coming out a stronger person to living life to the fullest, being thankful for even the small things in life and appreciating people and not taking (any) things for granted! Am also training myself to be a better listener despite becoming deaf on the right as a result of the op! Life is good!" - M

"One personal win for me was that I recently quit a job whereby I was emotionally abused and belittled by my supervisor (due to personal bias) every work day - for a close to a year. After a long process of job hunting, I have joined a new company doing projects I love. While many have opined that it was a waste to quit and forfeit my bonus, I believe it was a bold but necessary move to value myself more and spend time in a work environment that values me and allows me to contribute meaningfully as well. Am glad I made the move and have no regrets at all!"- HS