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HVV Girlfriends: Claudine Low

28 August 2017


For the month of August, Claudine Low brings us to her favourite places in Vancouver, Canada. 

Having studied there for close to six years, Claudine shares some go-to places that also double-up as beautiful photo spots! 




Sometimes we don’t realise what we have and end up taking things for granted.

I know this feeling well.

Though I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

I wasn’t able to fully explore my birth city and discover the real beauty it has to offer.


I've also always desired to travel and visit beautiful places around the world.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Vancouver, Canada for almost six years.


During my time there, I’ve really learnt to appreciate the city in various ways.

As an avid food and nature enthusiast, I motivated myself to continuously explore 

different pretty cafes and gorgeous places that I’ve seen on social media.

Since then, I've only fallen more and more in love with Vancouver.


In this post, I wanted to to share just how beautiful and interesting Canada

via my 5 favourite places to visit in Vancouver for 2017.

I hope you get to experience these amazing picturesque places one day too!




1. Krause Berry Farm


For a perfect summer day spent with family and friends, head down to the Krause farm.

You can pick fresh blueberries and enjoy the rustic rural décor of the shop's interior and exterior.

Don't forget to pop by their beautiful glass house for more vibrant plants.

sdfef vaeqw



2. Abbotsford Tulip Festival


During summer, an hour's drive from the city will take you into the rural areas of Vancouver for a special sight.

Head for the Abbotsford Tulip Festival to experience beautiful blooms in a myriad of colours.

The tulips are arranged in neat lines and perfectly represent the sunny season.

fgser3 dhe4




3. Vancouver Art Gallery


Regardless if it's sunny or rainy outside, the Vancouver Art Gallery remains a beautiful location.

Spend some time to view and admire the art pieces and exquisite exhibits.

I love the interior of the gallery too - it has a beautiful European feel to it.

dvsdee dfaeaw




4. Burnaby Parks


It might come as a surprise to many but during spring,

cherry blossoms can be found all over Vancouver.

These trees make for the prettiest backgrounds for any photoshoot session.

 sdgwe3 dfswew3




5. Joffre Lakes Provincial Park


The beauty that greater Vancouver has to offer is endless.

Moreover, it is easily accessible from the city.


After a three-hour drive from the city of Vancouver, you'll find the entrance to the Joffre Lakes hike.

This hiking trail is one way to appreciate the true beauty of Canada and it will take you around 2 and a half hours

to reach the final and uppermost glacier lake (pictured below).


The final and uppermost glacier lake boasts crystal blue and emerald waters.

The natural scenery surrounding the lake is equally breathtaking.

(P.S. There are a total of three beautiful lakes to see along the Joffre Lakes trail.)


erg34 dfve3


Growing up and studying in a different country, I realised how much I’ve been missing out on.

I know that Malaysia has so much to offer and one day I wish to return to discover the beauty of my own country.




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