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HVV Girlfriends: Fatiha Faulzi

25 October 2017



This October, we have Fatiha Faulzi on board as our HVVgirlfriend of the month!


The owner of Heels & Wedges has kindly put together some tips and tricks for our muslim HVVgirls

on how to dress modestly yet fashionably!


Her styling pointers are also easily applicable to anyone who's looking to

master the art of layering for their travels abroad/in a colder climate.




Dressing modestly isn't that difficult

if you can withstand the heat in Singapore

(or anywhere else in the world, for that matter).


For hijab-wearing women like myself,

the art of layering is part and parcel of our everyday lives.

It doesn’t matter if the hemline is too short or if the sleeves doesn’t end at our wrists.

We’ll layer clothes over or under to make it work. Fashionably, of course.




With halter jumpsuits (like the one you see above),

all you need is a lightweight jacket as a throw over, a couple of safety pins

to prevent accidental wardrobe malfunctions around the bust, and voila!

You’re ready to go out and enjoy your day.




If your main apparel happens to be full of prints/stripes,

it’s always better to use a layering piece that's solid in colour.


Unless you’ve mastered the technique of layering prints on prints,

sticking to the safe side works just fine when it comes to fashion. 


Alternatively, wearing something underneath does the trick too.




By layering under the printed jumpsuit and striped top,

these pieces automatically become the highlight of the two looks.


If you want the printed/striped piece to be the center of attention,

ensure that everything else (e.g. accessories and your make-up) stays muted.

This can be done by sticking to the main colours of your outfit or selecting complementary colours instead.




Want to make a bigger impression? Look to statement accessories.

Be it a bag, shoe or statement jewelry, any of these items can be the main talking point of your OOTD.

(Fair warning: if your accessories are super bold, they might steal the spotlight entirely - like my red heels did.)



Fashion is a form of self-expression but it can also be experimental.

It is something that is for everyone, whether you’re in hijab or not. 

Never let the clothes limit your creativity!




Fatiha Faulzi

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