HVV Personalities

Aug 20, 2018

We asked the HVVHQ team to take a personality test based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to have a deeper insight on the different personalities that make up our team.

You can take it here too! 

As it turns out, our team is made up of mostly Diplomats!


INFP “The Mediator”

Known to be poetic, kind and altruistic people who are always eager to help a good cause.

HVV Team Members:

- Vincent
- Hui Xiang
- Joyanne
- Sharon


ENFJ “The Protagonist” 

Known to be charismatic and inspiring leaders who are able to mesmerise their listeners. 

HVV Team Members:

- Amber 

Ranking second are the Explorers!


ESFP “The Entertainer”

Known to be spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic people - life is never boring without them. (It's no wonder we can always hear someone in the office cracking a joke or two and having laughing fits.)

HVV Team Members:

- Clare

- Mia

- Clarissa


ISTP “The Virtuoso”

 Known to be bold and practical experimenters who loves to examine the world around them through cool rationalism and spirited curiosity.

 HVV Team Members:

- Serene

And lastly, we have The Sentinels!


ISFJ “The Defender”

Known to be very dedicated and warm protectors who are always ready to defend their loved ones.

HVV Team Members:

- Hui Roo


ESFJ  “The Consul”
Known to be extraordinarily caring, social and popular people who are always eager to help.

HVV Team Members:
- Irena