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HVV Pop-up: Plaza Singapura Anecdotes

08 November 2017



 Over at our Plaza Singapura pop-up store,

our retail team keeps each other informed on important reminders, tasks and updates in various ways.  


As time went by, the HVV PS girls also began to note down additional information and observations

during their shifts and we're happy to share some with you today.




(P.S The snippets and anecdotes below are taken from this well-worn notebook shared between the retail team.)

HVV logo drawing on the cover - courtesy of Mas, our retail supervisor :D









If you read our previous blog post (also featuring some doodles),

you might be asking - what's the deal with the HVV PS team and drawings?


Possible reasons:

- Some of our retail staff hail from artistic/creative backgrounds.

- There an old running joke amongst the team about being 'an art student'

(or calling yourself one when you can/cannot draw something).

- It's just a spontaneous and expressive thing that the girls tend to do from time to time.








Store scares and thoughts


If you're a bit jumpy, tend to scare yourself or have a low threshold for anything creepy,

don't worry, we've all been there.









Some memorable encounters between HVVgirls and the HVV PS retail team.







Trying times


The struggle is real for the HVV PS retail team.

They encounter their fair share of challenges in an effort to keep the store running smoothly.








Team interactions


Regardless of how tough the going gets,

the HVV PS girls do their best to care for and be there for one another.


Farewell notes, well wishes, pleas for help and expressions of gratitude

are interspersed throughout the notebook.










We'll end off with some examples of HVV's culture

(i.e. a penchant for random musing, soft-trolling/joking and annoying one another),

which basically translates into 'working hard and playing hard'.





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