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HVV Pop-up: Plaza Singapura Level 3

18 September 2017


Hello HVVgirls!

It's been awhile since we shared news relating to our Plaza Singapura pop-up.


Our new store at level 3 is almost ready for you :)

and we're psyched to drop some sneak peeks and updates in today's blog post.



First things first - curious as to how the new store looks?











Here's a rough 3D mock-up of the interior: 






Here's a work-in-progress shot of the interior (and our tree!):





Our signboard's been installed:





We've also gone with the laminate option on the right (below)

for the 6 wall panels (where the standing wall racks are).





We went sourcing for changing room curtains too.

But then this happened...





For an improved in-store experience, we've...

- doubled the wall racks from 6 to 12

- added another circular rack (and another tree!)

- introduced jewelry. Look out for our necklaces and earrings.

- come up with a special store exclusive: Sale racks with items at 40% off!




So when do we open? 27 September 2017

 Where can you find us? #03-41 Plaza Singapura

 Our opening hours? 10.30am - 10.30pm daily (no change)




[PS: Thank you HVVgirls for supporting our Moving Up Sale during the last week of August!

We hope you scored some great deals.

For those of you who were lucky enough to receive our 'Moving Up' sale card vouchers,

don't forget to bring them along to our new store!]




We hope to see you soon!



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