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HVV Stylist Answers: 'What clothes should I wear if I have thick calves?'

03 January 2017



Happy New year hvvgirls!

We hope 2017's been good for you thus far.


Question: What clothes should I wear if I have thick calves?

(Calves refer to the back portion of the lower leg.)



1. Maxis are a great option. Full-length dresses will help to elongate your look and create a long/lean visual line.

2. Draw the eye upward. Choose dresses with embellishments (or other interesting details) near the neckline/bust.

3. Dresses ending below the calf/near the ankle are great for work too. They allow for mobility and look presentable.

 sfq3 dfe3

sf4e3 aef233




For skirts, we suggest 3 different lengths:

1. Long/maxi skirts 

2. Mini skirts (i.e. hemline above the knee)

3. Midi skirts that end below the widest part of your calf (i.e. hemline ending at your ankles).

sdfe3 dger6

aet3 sfee23


 For pants on the other hand:

1. Avoid skinny/tight pants or jeans. These will cling to your skin and accentuate the shape of your calves.

Instead, you should try pants that skim your legs without a narrowing silhouette.

2. Straight or boot-cut (slight flare at the calves down) style trousers will also work for you.

 wd2 fwef1

aqwdq2 asfw22



On top of the above, you may also want to consider...

- clothes that flare towards at the bottom (e.g. a fuller/flare skirt will make your legs look slimmer).

- statement jewellery such as necklaces and earrings to help draw attention upwards.

- dark tights /hoisery with matching coloured shoes (e.g. black tights with black flats) to create a 'monochrome' leg that is long and lean.

 - jumpsuits with great legroom:

sfq2 dfqwe1


 View the full preview here.

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