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HVV Stylist: Tunics 101

07 December 2016



This week we're shining the spotlight on tunics in lieu of our upcoming Pantone Colorblock Tunic top!

Pantone comes in pink and navy with a back zip, inner lining and slight side slits at the hem.


Below the cut, you'll find street style inspiration and two easy ways to play up and maximise your tunic tops.


Generally speaking, tunics are longer than your average tops but shorter than a mini dress.

When tucked out, they're comfortable, far from cumbersome, cover any derrière/hip insecurities and show off the slimmer parts of your legs.

As a rule of thumb, remember to keep all your bottoms streamlined, in a complementary shade and balanced (in proportion to your tunic's silhouette)

for the most fashion-forward and flattering outfits.



1. With a skirt/dress

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- Tuck your tunic into a midi skirt or layer it over a mini one;

add character to your ensemble by select slightly flared/ruffled hems mini skirts, crochet applique skirts and pleats.


- Layer your tunic over a bodycon midi dress to give off the illusion of a fitted skirt underneath.

You may consider adding a belt (e.g. slim/obi-style) along your waistline too.



2. With a pair of pants

 sdger36 sdf2

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- On casual days, tunics can be paired with a pair of blue/white jeans (a distressed pair will grant you extra edgy/street cred),

shorts (in neutral or complementary colours) and 3/4 leggings to show off your gams.


 - For dressier occasions, a flowy/straight-cut pair of pants will do the trick.

In this case, we've paired Pantone with our upcoming Templeton Wide-Leg Trousers (available in grey, burgundy and navy)

and included some extra sneaks  too!


wefwef2 adfwe2 sde24

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