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#HVVGIRL's Essentials: Eyelet & Linen

22 December 2016


Is it just us or has the weather been mercilessly hot these few days?

The struggle is real when you want to pull on a dressy outfit but have to compromise with more casual pieces due to the heat.


A possible solution for our #equatorproblems? Our upcoming dresses: Fleur and Petunia. 


Eyelet's a great design detail for warm-weather dwellers who might have a penchant for sweet textures and cooling clothes.

Combine that with quality linen that doesn't crease easily and irons like a breeze (you have our word)

for a lethal combination of durability and breathability.



 Fleur Eyelet Midi

Available in apricot blush, white, sky blue and navy


edfw3456 sdfvwe2



Close-up details of Fleur's shoulder, eyelet cut-out, sleeve and front string:



Fleur is made of quality linen and careful workmanship in the form of precise eyelet cut-outs.

With a fully lined bodice and attached waist strap, Fleur's balloon sleeves (with a subtle eyelet peek-a-boo effect) balances out its wide neckline.

 For an alternative look, simply tie the front strings together (this creates a modest keyhole closure).




Petunia Eyelet Dress

Available in white and pale blue

rfge66 sdvgty7

Close-up details of Petunia's shoulder and hem:



The sweet details above help to define and set Petunia apart from other eyelet frocks.

Petunia's inner lining ends at a cooling length, showing off the crochet-eyelet hemline and allowing for a subtle peek-a-boo effect.




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