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#HVVGirltalk Poll Round-up: Food

10 April 2017


If you're on HVV's mailing list,

you might have noticed our (random) Wednesday #hvvgirltalk polls.


It's a little corner that encourages all of us to take a little time out

from our busy schedules and wonder about all sorts of stuff.

It also helps us to get to know all of you a little bit better!


For our first #hvvgirltalk round-up,

we've compiled everyone's responses to the food-related questions

with the addition of a few fun insights along the way.


Qn: How do you like your eggs? 


No one chose "Ewwww" as an option. Good to know everyone loves eggs as much as we do :P

"Omelette", "Sunny side-up" and "Soft-boiled eggs" tied at second place with equal amount of votes for each option.




Qn: When it comes to brownies, you prefer the...


"Side piece" coming in at the last place struck us as a surprise.

Doesn't a side piece provide the best of both words (crunchy on the side + soft)?

Anyways, we won't deny that corner pieces are da bomb diggity too.

If only someone invented an 'all corner' brownie baking pan.



Qn: Cereal _______


Majority of you HVVgirls are so pun-ny (selecting the "Killer" option).

Hardly anyone chose the "magazine" option (it's a legit travel & food magazine though).

Continue crushing it ladies. 



Qn: Select an alternative bouquet idea.


We were kind of relieved at the top result for this question.

Choosing a broccoli bouquet - good on you healthy HVVgirls.

 The "paper flower bouquet" option (not shown here) got the least votes.

Guess this means food options trumps pretty, long-lasting (but inedible) ones.

Practical/pragmatic or simply hungry HVVgirls, who knows?



Qn: Favourite CNY snack?


We provided as many as 9 snack options for everyone to choose from but only these few made it to the top.

Can't say we're surprised though - can you imagine a CNY without these well-loved snacks in everyone's homes?

What kind of sad world would that be?



If you have any burning questions you'd like to ask (from one HVVgirl to another/others),

or if you're simply looking to drop us a comment regarding this post,

feel free to fill in our contact form or drop us a dm on our Instagram.


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