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HVVHQ Current Faves

06 April 2017



Fashion's 'body shapes' can be a headache to navigate and make sense of.

It can feel like there are 'categories' to fit into and many 'rules' to abide by when we want to get dressed.


In HVV's approach to Women's fashion, we try not to lose sight of a few things.

1) Diversity. Women exist in all shapes and sizes, they hail from all walks of life and they all have their own concerns and goals.

2) Fashion should be inclusive, expansive and about endless possibilities.

3) At the end of the day, we all want to look and dress how we choose to. We want to express and be our true selves.


Understanding the above means that those 'rules' and 'categories' should be taken with a pinch of salt.

At best, they can act as rough guidelines and recommendations for sartorial shortcuts.

At their very worst, they oversimplify things and reject/disregard the natural diversity inherent amongst humans.


Below the cut, you'll find a round-up of our current favourites

and very rough sketches of the HVV team's various (female) body shapes (plus 1 dude).


You are welcome to use/refer to this visual round-up as you wish

but we'd encourage everyone to dress as they see fit.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you're happy!


(click on the product titles/image circles to take you to the products!)












 Vincent: Dude

(He'll pick what he thinks Clare looks great in instead :D)


 Midas Midi Dress 

We call this the “Kung-Fu” dress - I wish we had a male version.

Comfy, lightweight and perfect for the hot weather these days.


Maximillan Linen Pantsuit 

If I were female, I'd probably pick Pantsuits quite often

so I won’t have to think about what to match my top/bottom.

I'm colourblind too - so the former helps.

That aside, I picked this particular pantsuit for its structured design.

It's short-sleeved, nipped at the waist and loose at the hips

- which works well for Clare who has a pear-shaped body and toned arms.


Salvadore Lace-Up Dress 

This dress is simple yet elegant.

It is also loose-fitting, which helps because Clare is a foodie.

She won’t have to worry about her tummy showing after eating all her favourite food :D


Chrysanthemum Floral Midi 

I know Clare might think otherwise but she's usually in solid Black/Grey/Nude colours.

I would love to see her in this because I think the floral prints will give her a refreshing look!



Clare: Pear


Sovereign Cropped Jacket 

I tend to look like a hulu in a fitting top and high waist shorts.

I love how this jacket helps to balance that without being too heavy or thick for Singapore.

I also like how the colour complements white, pale grey, champagne and light denim

- staple colours in my wardrobe.


 Union Culotte Jumpsuit 

It’s incredibly comfortable, the cut is flattering - hides all my flaws (tummy and hips)

but looks smart and elegant at the same time.


Salvadore Lace-up Dress 

It’s simple, lightweight, comfortable and looks ethereal when paired with gold lace up sandals.


Empire Ruched Maxi 

The asymmetrical slit draws attention away from my hips

and helps to elongate my frame without me having to wear heels.









Irena: Straight


Union Culotte Jumpsuit

I love the colours for this design and the pockets are a big bonus!


Polo Striped Dress

I like that I can pair this with a pair of white sneakers

for a very casual and put-together look.


Geneva Pleat Midi

It's comfortable!


Shimmer Knit Top

I love how there are so many colours to choose from.

I also think it looks simple and nice.



Serene: Hourglass


Quinn Asymmetrical Midi 

The angular asymmetrical cut accentuates the waist;

the chevron patterned flowy lace hides tummies and big hips

and the length and cut of the skirting perfectly shows off the slimmest parts of your body.

It also has pockets. Need I say more? It has pockets.


Union Culotte Jumpsuit 

It's comfortable, flatters any figure, hides hideous bulges,

is versatile, and has pocketsss.

Need I say more?


Philosophy Asymmetric Skirt 

I like this because it's versatile.

I can pair it with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual day out,

or a blouse with heels for a formal work look.

It's coming back in new colours too!


Marchesa Palazzo Pants 

 Pair this with a fitting racer-cut cropped top and you'll feel slimmer in an instant.

With such tops, the flare cut and slight structured fabric of Marchesa

creates a 'you-are-not-fat-at-all-it's-the-cutting-of-the-pants' illusion.









 Yen Tin: Straight


Jardin Floral Midi

I'm able to wear this for functions and on casual dates.

It's versatile!


Andre Classic Tank

I love how basic Andre is.

It also shows off my shoulders well due to the cutting.


Philosophy Asymmetric Skirt

I think this is a special design.

I'm able to wear it for functions and on dates.


Paradigm Midi Dress

This dress is casual yet flattering.














 Mia: Hourglass


Strauss pinafore dress

A versatile pinafore!

I can wear it to any occasion - plus outerwear - or just a casual weekend outing!


Ambrosia floral maxi 

For channelling my inner bohemian.

Perfect cutting, perfect slit with perfect prints. Nuff said!


Basque belted trouser 

I'd wear this often because it’s comfortable and not frumpy looking! 


Melrose striped midi dress 

Easy to wear.

I'll wrap it tight to flaunt my figure or loosen it up after a big meal!



Ron: Straight


Sovereign Cropped Jacket 

I love how cool it looks and feels.

It won't obstruct my entire outfit from view either.


Camelot Floral Dress 

Helps to accentuate my non-existent waistline.


Blair Trumpet Skirt 

Short skirts help to show off my legs and I love its little trumpet flare at the hem.


Carneige Pleated Skirt 

Another short skirt that I love.

Its design makes the wearer look sophisticated.





 Sng: Pear


Persimmon Classic Midi 

It’s a simple dress that never goes out of style.

I can wear it to many occasions.


Salvadore Lace-up Dress 

The flowy sleeves hides my arm fats and makes my broad shoulders look smaller.

I'm also all for the lace-up trend!


Marchesa Palazzo Pants 

My first palazzo pants love! It doesn't make me look like a giant.

Its flowy nature and roomy cut sits perfectly on me and it's super comfortable!


Duchess Structured Midi Skirt 

Hides my tummy & gives the illusion of a smaller hip.



Sharon: Straight


Cypress Peplum Blouse 

I'm a sucker for elegant and delicate balloon sleeves.


Pierre Classic Midi 

I love its ruched details and figure-hugging silhouette.

The latter accentuates my paltry curves.


 Bardot Overlay Skorts 

These boast a super flattering cut that gives me fuller hips.

It also looks tasteful and sleek.


Sage Palazzo Pants 

The fabric magically keeps me warm in the cold & cool in the heat.

It's incredibly comfortable too!



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