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HVVHQ: Emoji Questions

06 October 2017



Here's a light-hearted topic for some TGIF amusement.


We'd like to refrain from spoiling the fun for our readers

so we're not going to give anything away in this introduction.


Below the cut, you'll find three questions answered by the team here at HQ.

(You can attempt the questions on your own and share your responses with us too!)


















Surprise! Our last emoji question's actually for you HVVgirls!







With so many emojis available, it was torturing hard to pick just one to answer any question.


To sum it up, the team thinks you girls are a classy and sweet lot.

To some, HVVgirls are like flowers in full bloom. To others, HVVgirls are friends whom we have fun with.

To Clare, you girls are like a lucky charm, helping HVV to continuously learn, grow and improve.


Some extra words from the HVV team:

"Rock on" and "go out there and be fabulous"!

Thank you :)


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