HVVHQ Intern Special: Ashley Chew

Jun 29, 2018

Most of us can relate to being an intern before or in the very least, we might have worked with one before. We understand how working in a new environment and picking up new skills can be a daunting process. But more often than not, the process can also be rewarding as we meet so many new and interesting people along the way.

Ashley - our latest creative intern - has been with us since the start of 2018 and has just wrapped up her 6-month stint with us. The HVV team will fondly remember her as the healthy-eating-sweater-wearing cool girl who eats cereal in a mug for breakfast and brings delicious bentos to work for lunch.


Our hilarious attempt at slow claps and our founder Clare sneaking up behind us​.

Read on for her biggest milestones and best memories during her time at HVV:


Wow. Where do I begin. Working at HVV has been quite a rollercoaster five months. If you'd like to learn how to be independent, give this place a shot. Five months ago, I came into HVV as a creative intern with absolutely no clue about graphic design or the creative field. Sure, I knew some basics, but that was it. If you're wondering what base zero looks like, that was me. Yikes.

I believe that being a creative person goes beyond creating and curating good content - you also need to be creative in how you approach your tasks/job. I was swimming in dark and murky waters when I first started out. I had to edit collection after collection, and all I saw was a mountain of deadlines that I didn't know how to deal with. My eureka moment didn't come until I was halfway through my internship. I remember my supervisor telling me, "You've got so many tools on Photoshop, use them!" I don't think I’ve ever felt a greater revelation than that. I was restricting myself with how inflexible I was. That revelation has got to be my first milestone - learning the importance of flexibility.

My second biggest milestone - learning to be detailed. I've always been a kinda messy girl and the word 'disorganised' fit me perfectly. I used to say "I'm an organised mess" to delude myself...but maybe it’s just an excuse. My supervisor was the polar opposite of me - organised and detailed as our work requires a high level of precision. Now, I find myself noticing little details I never would have noticed before - even at HOME. Example: When the tablecloth is slightly messy or when there's something that isn't put back in its rightful place. It sounds funny, but I really appreciate this new skill I got to take home.

My best memories with HVV:
My best memories of HVV would definitely be the weekly meetings and team questions we have at HVV HQ. I had to collate everyone’s responses to the weekly questions and would find myself laughing while reading their answers. Reading them enabled me to catch a glimpse of people’s different sides - sides I didn’t know about. I was grateful to have a little something to laugh at amidst the day-to-day rush and workload.

Ashley pinning our answers for our weekly team questions :) 


HVV is made up of a bunch of people who burn like fire for what they do but who laugh to their heart's content when they need to. Work hard, play hard - that's truly what it means to work here.