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HVVHQ: Weekly Team Questions

11 August 2017


Happy Friday HVVgirls!


Ever wondered about our team meetings at HVV HQ?

Ever wondered about what goes on in the heads/lives of the people

who help to put together collection after collection of your favourite clothes?


Once a week, we huddle in our meeting room and take turns to provide departmental updates.

We also make time to answer a random question (posed by Clare)!

These questions enable us to pause and reflect while getting to know each other better.


In today's blog post, we've selected four questions (and answers) we'd like to share.

May they bring you some amusement and insight as you get to know us a little better. Enjoy :)

P.S. HVVgirls can try to answer the following questions too!



Qn: What is the best advice you have ever received?





Qn: I spend all my money on... 


(the common answer = fooooood *nom*)



Qn: What is one thing that you did in the past one month that you are proud of?




Qn: How do you recharge?





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