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HVVHQ: Weekly Team Questions 2

19 October 2017


Happy Friday HVVgirls!


We hope you have enjoyed the previous round-up of our team questions.

(posed by Clare) at our weekly HVVHQ meetings!


Today,  we've selected another five questions (and answers) we'd like to share.

As usual, you'll find a mixed bag of wishful thinking, silliness and heartfelt responses below.


Aside from being thought-provoking and fun,

you're welcome to draw inspiration from them / try them out with your own colleagues and loved ones) :)



Qn: What superhero power would you like & why?


 Abilities related to time and transportation (i.e. flying/travelling/super speed abilities)

featured heavily among the responses.

From the reasons provided, you'll also be able to guess who's focused on what.




Qn: Top 3 countries I want to visit... 


Okay, this is embarrassing.

We got carried away with our responses - putting continents/regions and states down when the question asked for countries.

We must look like a bunch of geography failures/greedy travelers right now.

For what it's worth, European countries came out top for the HVV team.




Qn: What is your spirit animal?

Ranging from docile to imaginary, the results to this question were surprising.

Similar to picking a single emoji to describe oneself, it was equally trying to pick an animal.

 Safe to say our drawing skills were 'raw' and 'organic' at best.




Qn: What is one kind or thoughtful thing someone within the HVV office did for you recently?




Mini anecdotes from team HVVHQ  :')




Qn: Write a 'thank you' note to this person in HVVHQ


Before this question was posed, everyone had to draw a piece of paper with a random name from a pile.

If you're using your desktop to view this, the entries above might be hard to read.

We'd recommend viewing it on your mobile screen so that you can enlarge the image!



P.S Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of silliness and appreciation  for friendships to be forged.


That's all for now,

HVVHQ, signing out! 

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