International Friendship Day

Oct 05, 2018

It's interesting how people can go from being total strangers to best buddies overnight. In celebration of International Friendship Day, here are some weird and wonderful stories of how the HVVHQ team met their friends.

The Tofu Incident

“My secondary school classmate and I were queuing up for mixed rice in our school canteen. I was ahead of her and ordered the last portion of tofu. She protested in jest and we had lunch together for the first time that day. We discovered common interests (beyond tofu) and have been fast friends ever since.”

- Sharon, Marketing

A Helpful Local

“When I was on my graduation trip in Taiwan (donkey years ago), my friends and I got lost on the streets. We were increasingly desperate to find our way because we didn’t have wifi nor the address of our Hotel. We decided to walk into a cafe just around the corner to ask for help. I love how Taiwanese people are so friendly and hospitable because the barista of the coffee shop - a complete stranger/acquaintance then - helped us to figure out the way back to our hotel and even called a cab for us (to ensure that we got back to our hotel safely).

Days later, as I was randomly looking up the cafe on Facebook, I found the barista’s Facebook account and I sent him a Friend Request right away! That’s how we started our friendship and till today, although we don’t chat online often, we’ll send each other our best wishes during special occasions and follow up on each others’ updates online. He just got engaged recently and I’m so happy for him! Someday when I go back to Taiwan, I will definitely ask him out for a coffee.”

- Joy, Customer Service & Marketing

The Best Friend

“I met my cheeky, shy, smart, and hardworking best friend when we were in Primary 5 after being allocated to the same class. Although we went to the same primary and secondary school, we only got closer when we were in Secondary 3 - when we both joined the same CCA (floorball). We stayed near one another and would often go home together after our training sessions. Sometimes, instead of taking the bus home, we would decide to walk home instead! Our walks home would be filled with jokes and loud laughs (in public). We’d also dare each other to do things at times. I feel blessed and lucky to have her as my best friend and I appreciate these happy memories so much, knowing that they can never be replaced.”

- Amber, Creative Intern

The Lingerie Whisperer

“Some time ago, I used to work part-time in the lingerie section of a department store. During my time there, I encountered a guy who would always talk to me about his mother’s lingerie. It was weird but somehow, this ended up being the topic of our conversations every time.”

- Hui Xiang, Logistics and Packing


“When I was in Junior College, I was constantly butting heads with this guy who eventually became my close friend for six years (and counting). We were both very expressive in our disagreements and would squabble about trivial things like the weather. However, as we got to know each other better throughout the years, we formed a very tight friendship. I would never have imagined that we would become such good friends (especially when we squabble about every little thing). Some of our friends even called us an old couple because we were constantly bickering. Throughout the many ups and downs, his support for me has never wavered and I’ll always be grateful and thankful that I have such a reliable and trustworthy friend.”

- Clarissa, Marketing

via Gfycat

By Coincidence

“Few years ago while working in another company I was selected to follow someone from HR to the airport to pick up a group of interns from overseas. I ended up chatting with a girl throughout the journey. Turns out, we were both born in the same year and have been best friends ever since.”

- Serene, Merchandising

The Husband

“Back when I was studying in Taiwan, I had a habit of spacing out. One time, I was staring into space during a computer class and my classmate (now husband) thought that I was staring at him by mistake. He thought I was staring at him because I had feelings for him and proceeded to woo me. Fast forward to the present - here we are now, married with a kid.”

- Hui Roo, Merchandising

Same Same But Different

“During a camping experience, the emcee of the event called out everyone’s names. When it was my turn, I saw another girl who went up with me. Turns out we shared the same name. The emcee looked at both of us awkwardly because he didn’t expect such a situation to occur. Since then, she and I have become friends.”  

- Irena, Merchandising

The Online Date

“I met my girlfriend on mIRC, for those of you who don’t know, it is basically the mother of Facebook, Tinder and Slack. It works a lot like Slack but the channels are mostly open for anyone to join. During our first meet-up, it was an awkward hi-bye situation but I knew she liked me by the look in her eyes. We’ve been together for 18 years since.”  

- Vincent, Business Development