Outfits for Top Travel Destinations

Oct 26, 2018

Qn: "Where would you like to travel to next?"

We asked, and you answered!

From the responses on our recent Insta Story poll, here are the top 4 HVVgirl travel destinations:

1. Australia

2. Mauritius
3. Japan
4. New Zealand

Read on for outfit suggestions for each destination across different seasons!

Australia: Summer


Whether you're cafe-hopping or taking a stroll down Australia's famous beaches, well designed jumpsuits and playsuits will suit your every need.  





When it’s all about the beaches, be sure to have a few swimsuits to choose from!

You can pair monokinis with lightweight trousers for ease of movement. A day dress for wandering off the coasts will also come in handy.


Japan: Spring


Complement or contrast against Japan's spring blooms - it's up to you! Take your pick from a variety of floral prints that'll be immortalised in your OOTDs. 


New Zealand: Autumn



Whilst exploring scenic locations, it's important to stay warm and healthy. Here are a some outfits that will keep you from freezing:

An essential coat, a jumpsuit that you can layer over and a pair of pants with elasticised cuff (to prevent the cold from getting in)!


Stay tuned to our Insta Stories for more!

Credits: A1, A2, M1 & M2, J1, J2, NZ1, NZ2