New Beginnings

Sep 28, 2018

As we approach a new chapter here at HVV (with our newly revamped website and an upcoming store at CityLink Mall), we take a trip down memory lane to revisit important milestones and precious memories that we celebrated and learnt from.

Year 2007

Her Velvet Vase starts out on LiveJournal. We try to figure out basic HTML and decide to be our own models.

Image: Founders Clare and Mag Chan.

Year 2009

We move to a .com but things don’t go well. Our site crashes, we’re forced to go on a 3 month hiatus. We are miserable.

Image: Our first .com site

Year 2010

We're back and doing much better! We start hiring models, set up our first office and start building a small team.

Year 2013

We launch our first Swim collection. It’s also the first time we do an outdoor shoot!

Year 2013

We dabble in Winter & Holiday wear and our first hotel sale. But we also got the boot because we caused too much disruption.

Year 2015

We launch in NYC! We meet with difficulties but learn humility, resilience and kindness. These traits laid the foundation for our core values and HVV's culture - humble, human and humorous.

Year 2017

We open our first pop up store and form our first retail team. Everyone is terrified and we scramble to learn as much as we can amidst grim, ominous jokes (we love wry humour).

We’re all just hoping for the best! One thing we’ve learned - to learn fast, you need to fall equally fast!

In the same year, we relocated to a new and bigger store at Plaza Singapura! 

Year 2018

We're preparing to open a new store at CityLink Mall this October. We also have a new slogan Create Memories, Celebrate Milestones that we're really excited about (you might have seen it popping up in some places)! At HVVHQ, we've affectionately shortened it to CM².

In a nutshell, CM² encourages everyone to celebrate the small wins in their lives, learn from their failures and always keep precious memories close to their hearts.

So come by and say hi to us soon! 


That's all for now! Do look out for more exclusive behind-the-scenes moments on our Instagram Stories.