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Outerwear round-up: Hot to Cold

03 November 2016



As we inch towards the tail end of 2016 (and the peak travel season), 

we provide a short and simple guide to selecting the right kind of outwear for maximum style and function

as you journey from sweltering Singapore to kinda-chilly locales and freezing climates abroad.

A Knit Fit

31 October 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:


A medley of shifting shapes and stylish forms showcase a softness and sensuality that only knit can offer.

In addition to sneak peeks, we've included some quick and easy-to-remember knit-care tips for everyone:

Dream Statements

25 October 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:



In fashion, 'statement pieces' are clothes that are so eye-catching and full of character

that they tend to 'dominate' an entire look, requiring you to style your outfit around that particular garment.


While our upcoming collection centres around designs that could be termed as 'statement pieces',

we've tried to strike a balance between stylish and subtle elements in a bid to

stay true to HVV's take on fashion being accessible, practical and wearable for every #hvvgirl.


For example, the clothes below the cut might sport unexpected cuts and designs

but they are grounded in subtle/neutral shades.

This makes our upcoming statement pieces easy to match and presentable/professional enough for a variety of occasions.


HVV Stylist: Parka 101

21 October 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:


Every woman likes a practical garment.

Bonus points if said piece is easy to style and is durable enough to withstand life's everyday adventures.

The above criteria probably makes the humble parka a girl's best friend.

Below the cut, we show you just how easy it is to style this outerwear piece (plus a parka of our own)!

HVV Stylist Answers: 'How do I match bags with my outfits?'

12 October 2016


TGIF (or should I say #HVVtGIF :D ) hvvgirls! 

Question: How do you select bags to complement your occupation/everyday outfits?


We suggest that ladies take a cue from their job's dress code and start from there!

All-rounder Dresses

11 October 2016


When we appraise a dress that catches our fancy,

(regardless of our body shape and size) 

we all have some similar concerns.


Does it flatter me?

Is it easy to manage/wear/care for?

Can I eat/sit/move around in it?

Can I match it with my existing accessories?

Can I wear it to work/school/on dress-down days?

(And the list goes on.)


Coming up this week at HVV, 

we've got a dress that seeks to fulfil all your possible concerns (especially those listed above)!

Sneaks are below the cut with our compilation of other 'all-rounder' dresses.

#HVVGIRL's Dion Jumpsuit

06 October 2016


Yes, we know of some shoes that'll go perfectly with an upcoming #hvvgirl pick - our Dion jumpsuit!

To complement everyday functions and a variety of individual styles/preferences,

we've selected shoes that''ll see every #hvvgirl through casual, edgy, smart casual and formal occasions! 

HVV Stylist Answers: 'How do I layer comfortably in SG's weather?'

03 October 2016


Greetings #hvvgirls!

Question: How do you pull off layering in Singapore without (literally) breaking a sweat?


To ensure that your outfit survives Singapore's hot and humid weather,

we recommend some layering shortcuts and cheats.


P.S The following outfit examples will also come in handy if you're transitioning between warm and cool/chilly locations

(e.g. travelling out from Singapore, alternating between strong indoor air-conditioning and the outdoor heat).

You can slip on warmer clothing (e.g. thicker leggings/a turtleneck/a coat) or remove a layer if you feel too warm.

HVV Moodboard: Going Places

30 September 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:


Movement, discovery, action and adventure.

These key words sum up the energy behind our upcoming collection

but they could very well be alluding to the unending momentum of everyday life too.


Beyond the physical trips (i.e. travelling/sight-seeing/commuting),

we also go places when we read, when we have a conversation, when we appreciate/make art,

when we view shows, when we hustle at our jobs etc. 


Bonus below the cut: An upcoming jumpsuit

#HVVGIRL's Chrysanthemum Jumpsuit & Sage Palazzo Pants

26 September 2016

Coming up this week at HVV:


We're excited to share two highly wearable pieces - an upcoming jumpsuit and a pair of palazzo pants - with you.

Made from smooth skin-skimming materials, these pieces will enable you to move with ease and keep you stylish all day long!

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