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Travel Essentials of the HVVgirl + Giveaway

12 June 2015

Wait, it's June already? Where on earth did all the time go! Anyhow, it is that time of the year again and honestly, who doesn’t want to take a step back and nudge herself out of the daily grind?


We all deserve that little break to unwind and recharge so that we can trudge on better, stronger. Regardless whether you belong to the camp that’s got holiday plans finalised 3497819 days ago or the camp that’s always looking up deals online ridiculously last-minute, we reckon this packing guide would be useful... Sorta!


Packing light is definitely one of those life skills that everyone should acquire - not only will your load be lighter, you can also set your mind at ease knowing that you won’t have to fork out any extra cent for baggage.



capsule wardrobe


Curious How Your Mood Box Is Packed?

18 May 2015

Hola! Have you wondered how your specially curated Mood Boxes are packed before they magically appear at your doorstep? Keep reading if you are dying to find out!

Foremost, we do not just chuck in random things like those “grab bags” you used to buy impulsively because they seemed too good a deal to pass up. We take the curation of your outfits seriously, well a tad too seriously, in fact!  

As one of Singapore’s leading fashion retailers, it should come as no surprise that we deal with lots of clothes daily. Remember the form you’d filled out when purchasing your Mood Box?  The one that we try to get you to divulge as much information about yourself, your moods and preferences?  Yeap, it is SUPER important in helping us curate YOUR unique outfit!


04 May 2015

Moving on from where we left off previously, this article is dedicated to those of you who belong to the Inverted Triangle or Hourglass camps. If you aren’t sure which body shape you sport, you may want to read the first instalment of this trilogy of articles pertaining to body shapes to get a better idea which shape you most likely are.


But of course, these are just guidelines to help all you beautiful ladies out there dress well, if not better, to flatter your body shape. We acknowledge that some of us are probably somewhere in-between different shapes, so these guidelines meant for “standard” clear cut shapes may not be directly applicable for us. Nevertheless, they still serve as good benchmarks for us when we make the conscious effort to dress better for our unique body shapes!


29 April 2015


Here comes the highly anticipated sequel to our previous article on helping you identify your unique body shape. Not that we are narcissistic, but we highly recommend that you read it first before ploughing through this post if you haven’t already done so.

Wouldn’t it be nice to look perfectly put together every single time? That sounds like the manifestation of a great deal of conscious effort and hard work but hey, all you need to do is to remember the mantra: Flaunt your best asset and hide your flaws. It’s all about balance, balance, balance.

Let’s cut to the chase and find out what works best for you and why this is so!  

*Note: The last part of this trilogy of articles will be up next week; it will feature the Inverted Triangle and Hourglass shapes.



20 April 2015

Of course, everyone has had their moment of glory when they basked in unparalleled confidence from wearing something that fits in all the right places, something that is so flattering that the possibility of a flaw is as good as a deafening zero.

Unless you’re blessed with a dedicated troop of professional stylists teetering around you every time you need to get dressed, it is important that you know your body shape. And embrace it. 

Sure, some of you might have the highly glorified hourglass figure while some of you might have a heavier bottom. Regardless, the only sensible thing we ought to do is to identify our body shape so that we can veer towards wearing clothes that flatter us as much as possible.

Read on to find out what’s your body shape!




Celebrate Your Femininity With Delicate White Lace

13 April 2015

 hvvgirl lace picks


Spring is never complete without nuances of ethereal white lace that is equal parts romantic and whimsical. It is almost indisputable that white lace is a whole lot subtler than black lace, making it the perfect element to elevate your work or school ensemble on your girly days. 

The Regular #HVVgirl’s Guide to Cafés – The Quarters

24 March 2015

the quarters1



Seeking inspiration from the various cultural quarters of Singapore and located right in the heart of our Central Business District, The Quarters; a local perspective of Asian flavours is born. Listed in the IS Magazine’s 50 things to eat before you die in 2014, our #hvvgirls absolutely had to squeeze in a visit in our schedules despite the our hectic schedules!



HVV x Maki-san VIP DIY Sushi Event

03 March 2015

Don't you think we've got the cutest VIP programme around? This time, we’ve invited a few of our lucky HVV VIP Members to an ultra-exclusive event with Maki-san! To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we had our VIPs invite their special someones (both best girl friends and boy friends included) to join us in an afternoon of super exciting Maki-san Sushi rolling! Who knew rolling Maki-san Sushi with your partner could be so much fun?



hvv x makisan 1

HVV Lunar New Year 2015 Updates

12 February 2015

Good Afternoon Ladies! 

A couple of things to take note of this Lunar New Year -



In lieu of the shortened operating hours on 18 February due to Lunar New Year break, please be reminded of our delivery schedule:
For orders placed on 13 & 16 February, if you've opted for normal courier, you will receive your order by 18 February (Wed), latest 2pm.
For orders placed on 16 February, if you've opted for same day delivery, your parcel will be delivered latest by 10pm on the same day.
All orders placed on 17th February onwards (except for Self Collection), we will dispatch your orders when office operations resume on 2nd March.




Sophia Chong x Her Velvet Vase

26 January 2015

Good Morning Ladies!


Recently we've invited bright-eyed fashion blogger, Sophia Chong down to our office to have a quick chat, telling us more about her passions, her style and even what she personally skimps & splurges on!


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