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25 September 2015

hair side

(Top, Culottes and Lace Up Heels coming soon on HVV)


HVV Moodboard: Second to none

22 September 2015


Coming up this week at HVV: 


second to none


Here's to the supporting actors in our wardrobes, the often overlooked pieces that willingly play second fiddle to our dressier starlets.  

HVV Moodboard: Fall is Beckoning

16 September 2015

Coming up this week at HVV: 

fall beckon

 The leaves are all falling

And they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground

And the trees are naked and lonely

- Andrea Gibson

HVV Moodboard: Abiding by Tranquillity

08 September 2015


Coming up this week at HVV: 


lilac grey


Serene shades with soft structures for a laid-back beauty that quietly commands attention instead of seeking it.



Fashion Flashback: Casual Fridays

28 August 2015

 girl at desk


Casual Fridays are best associated with the relaxation of formal office dress codes and a palpable sense of effervescent joy in the air due to the imminent weekend.

However, what seems like a societal norm is actually rooted in marketing strategies, courtesy of the Hawaiian Fashion Guild and Levis.


25 August 2015


Industrial parks in Singapore may soon be rid of their dreary image if small modest cafes such as 23 Jumpin’ have their way with things.

Grown girl – Making pastels work for you

18 August 2015

 love my dress


Chances are, when you’re reaching for an outfit to wear to work, powder blue, blush pink, mint and mauve aren’t your go-to shades.

With their light and milky appearance, pastels are usually seen as soft and delicate shades lacking gravitas and maturity.

The Lace Up Trend

31 July 2015


One of the prettiest fancy footwear trends from the past few runway seasons that's really starting to take over is lace-up flats, sandals and heels. Part gladiator, part ballerina and 100% charming. The laces are dainty enough to make it appropriate for work but it can also give your look an instant sultry appeal for a night out.

Subtle Ways to Accentuate Your Neckline

08 July 2015

Style quiz! Do you know what’s the right clothing cut to suit your neckline?


Necklines are an underrated yet powerful feminine body statement.  This week, our HVV Stylists are drawing the eye to this subtle body part and offering you tips on how to accentuate your neckline to suit your body shape.






What's Hot! Top 3 Summer Trends

02 July 2015

It’s July already and we just want this wonderful summer mood to go on forever! You might have already spotted a few hot summer trends hitting the streets this season.


If you’re in the cold about what’s trending, fret not! Our HVV Stylists are here to bring your summer chic to a whole new level with these top 3 Summer Trend Tips of 2015:


 summer trends


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