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25 August 2015


Industrial parks in Singapore may soon be rid of their dreary image if small modest cafes such as 23 Jumpin’ have their way with things.

Grown girl – Making pastels work for you

18 August 2015

 love my dress


Chances are, when you’re reaching for an outfit to wear to work, powder blue, blush pink, mint and mauve aren’t your go-to shades.

With their light and milky appearance, pastels are usually seen as soft and delicate shades lacking gravitas and maturity.

The Lace Up Trend

31 July 2015


One of the prettiest fancy footwear trends from the past few runway seasons that's really starting to take over is lace-up flats, sandals and heels. Part gladiator, part ballerina and 100% charming. The laces are dainty enough to make it appropriate for work but it can also give your look an instant sultry appeal for a night out.

Subtle Ways to Accentuate Your Neckline

08 July 2015

Style quiz! Do you know what’s the right clothing cut to suit your neckline?


Necklines are an underrated yet powerful feminine body statement.  This week, our HVV Stylists are drawing the eye to this subtle body part and offering you tips on how to accentuate your neckline to suit your body shape.






What's Hot! Top 3 Summer Trends

02 July 2015

It’s July already and we just want this wonderful summer mood to go on forever! You might have already spotted a few hot summer trends hitting the streets this season.


If you’re in the cold about what’s trending, fret not! Our HVV Stylists are here to bring your summer chic to a whole new level with these top 3 Summer Trend Tips of 2015:


 summer trends


What is a HVV Mood Box?

29 June 2015

One of our ultimate fan favourites is our HVV Mood Box! In a nutshell, it's a handpicked outfit curated based on your fashion mood that month.

And every month, you'll be receiving a new handpicked outfit that's tailored to your size and style!


If you're experimental, you can switch up your fashion flavour monthly and get a new style of outfit each time!

Swimsuit designs for your bodytype

26 June 2015

It’s swimsuit season and summer is the time to dare to bare!

Want your legs to look longer? Too much hips? Shoulders too broad? It doesn’t matter what body shape you are ‘cause our HVV stylists are here to show you how to accentuate more (or less!) of your body features with the right swimsuit design.

Now you’re ready to rock the beach with your sunshine smile!



 hvv swimsuit bodytype




Stealthy Workouts for Busy Queenbees

23 June 2015

So you’re an email marathoner, and you can take multiple conference calls for 5 hours straight without breaking a sweat. But when it comes to cardio and strength exercises, it’s almost impossible to fit a consistent workout schedule into your crazy-packed calendar.

Fret not fellow work-junkies, we have 5 stealthy ways that you can sneak in calorie-burning exercises while still being desk-bound. 


stealthy workouts


The Regular #HVVgirl's Guide to Cafes - Good Food Heals

19 June 2015

good food heals 1



This is not your regular cafe. You won’t find sugar-laden desserts, stacked beef burgers or crispy truffle/salted egg yolk fries at Good Food Heals. What in the world, you may wonder?

If you haven’t jumped onto the healthy eating/living bandwagon, we reckon it’s time you start. And we don’t mean you have to just munch on salads without dressing every single day.

Good Food Heals’ owner, Valerie, is a firm believer that good food, well, heals! It is no wonder that she’s been fever-, flu- and cough-free for a whopping 9 years till date. How’s that for impressive?


Travel Essentials of the HVVgirl + Giveaway

12 June 2015

Wait, it's June already? Where on earth did all the time go! Anyhow, it is that time of the year again and honestly, who doesn’t want to take a step back and nudge herself out of the daily grind?


We all deserve that little break to unwind and recharge so that we can trudge on better, stronger. Regardless whether you belong to the camp that’s got holiday plans finalised 3497819 days ago or the camp that’s always looking up deals online ridiculously last-minute, we reckon this packing guide would be useful... Sorta!


Packing light is definitely one of those life skills that everyone should acquire - not only will your load be lighter, you can also set your mind at ease knowing that you won’t have to fork out any extra cent for baggage.



capsule wardrobe


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