About Us

Our Philosophy

An #hvvgirl community that's thoughtful, inclusive and supportive.

Our focus is on creating memories and celebrating milestones

In our journey to be better versions of ourselves, we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate how far we've come or realise that
our strengths, fears, courage and vulnerabilities are what make us, us.

Milestones shouldn't have to only be about successes but about growth from failure, happiness from helping others, a good laugh, a good cry,
special moments with people we treasure and more importantly, learning about ourselves at different pitstops in life.

And that's exactly what we'd love to create -

Fashion that's meaningful and outfits that grow with us through each milestone. 

Our Journey

hervelvetvase is a digitally native fashion brand founded in 2007 by Clare and Mag Chan.

Our apparels are designed in-house and produced through ethical, boutique factories. 

In 2013, we were the first local online store to introduce a fashion subscription program.
In 2015, we expanded to New York as a B2B label and in 2017 we launched our first brick and mortar store. 

We're excited to continue expanding our brand globally and are always on the lookout for likeminded partners to join us on this journey. 

Our Team

We're backed by a team that's humble, human and humorous

We're big on celebrating the small wins.

We're also big on being open, frank, kind, having the right values and being comfortable with failing fast so we can learn equally fast. 

We're incredibly serious when it comes to our work but match it with just as much zest, humour and hooliganism when we're off work. 

Change isn't a scary word to us and we thrive in an environment that is constantly adapting and evolving. 

If you're highly motivated with a passion for innovation, diversification and learning, check out our Careers Page.