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About Us

Humble, Human, Humorous

We believe in being humble, human and humorous.

The HVVgirl is strong, vulnerable, imperfect, in awe, constantly learning and believes in taking on trials with a twinkle in her eye and a dash of candor, wit and positivity.

To us, every HVVgirl plays a multitude of roles. She is a daughter, friend, sister, wife, mother.

Her vulnerability, strength, fears, motivations, inspirations and courage across her different roles make her the unique individual that she is and should be proud of.

At Her Velvet Vase, we celebrate these roles and we stand by our customers for every occasion and pivotal milestone that they embark on.

HVV Style

Our designs look to the streets of Paris, Stockholm and New York with a refreshing take on contemporary street fashion. 

Through a style foundation of essential basics and transitional statement pieces, Her Velvet Vase embodies a charmingly modern, classic and tailored femininity. 

The HVVgirl is charming, free and adventurous and always on the move. 

She adapts well to swiftly changing environments, constantly seizing opportunities and making them her own all the while with a nonchalant grace. 

That is why we value youthful, feminine and tailored classics - we don't believe that there is only one way to wear an outfit because style should always be about creativity and individuality without compromising on great quality, affordability and practicality. 

HVV Team

Customer Service:

We’re most satisfied when customers appreciate our service and efforts in helping them with their orders.

Logistics & Dispatch:

We do our best to ensure that customers receive the correct item(s) by always double checking your orders.

Design & Merchandising:

We never forget that we’re catering to women of different shapes, curves and sizes (not just the default ‘size zero’).

We take all feedback from customers into consideration and look into how we can improve / remedy a problem.


We’re kind of ‘OCD’ about being consistent with our artwork and we’re always looking for inspiration

(before we go to bed, when we’re travelling etc.). That’s how we keep our motivation high at work.

Editoral & Marketing:

We approach everything with the belief that customers are informed, intelligent and unique individuals.

Our tone of voice, choice of topics and conversations originate from a place of friendship that is grounded

in curiosity, introspection and humour.

Business Development:

Our goal is to create opportunities, forge partnerships, make friends and carve a niche. We love exploring,

experimenting and learning. We choose to surround ourselves with phenomenal people who know that

there is room for all of us to make it to the finish line.

Learn more about our HVV fashion faves and fears!

HVV Initiatives


A secret (read: true) side of HVV. Our lips are sealed. This is best experienced and seen in person.


Every Wednesday, we invite you to join our mini polls on random topics via our EDM. Check out some of your answers here!


Undecided about an outfit? Add it to your wishlist by clicking on the little icon.


We celebrate every Friday by sharing silly, sweet and hilarious GIFs on our Instagram story.


Earn points for both online and offline purchases – find out more here.


Share your OOTDs with us to receive 20 HVV points and be featured on our #hvvwearit page.


Receive 20 HVV points for rating and reviewing each HVV product you’ve purchased.


Visit our pop-up store:

#03-41 Plaza Singapura



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