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HVV Moodboard: A Love Story

21 August 2017

Coming up this week at HVV:



For our upcoming bridesmaid collection, Her Velvet Vase is proud to introduce 'HVV Atelier':

very special line of exquisite designs for momentous occasions in your life.


HVV Atelier designs will showcase Her Velvet Vase's signature style on lavish fabrics;

decking you out in splendid shades, considered cuts and fine details.


To kick things off, we're introducing a HVV Atelier sweetheart bustier dress

alongside sneaks of our other bridesmaid designs.

We've also grouped the designs together according to unconventional (and charming) colour schemes

to further inspire all bridesmaids/brides-to-be.


#HVVGirltalk Poll Round-up: Movies

17 August 2017

It's time for another round-up of our Wednesday #hvvgirltalk results!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for participating in these polls.

It's always a pleasure to get to know you girls a little better!


For our third #hvvgirltalk round-up,

we've compiled your responses to movie-related questions

with the addition of a few fun insights and comments along the way (as usual).


HVVHQ: Weekly Team Questions

11 August 2017


Happy Friday HVVgirls!


Ever wondered about our team meetings at HVV HQ?

Ever wondered about what goes on in the heads/lives of the people

who help to put together collection after collection of your favourite clothes?


Once a week, we huddle in our meeting room and take turns to provide departmental updates.

We also make time to answer a random question (posed by Clare)!

These questions enable us to pause and reflect while getting to know each other better.


In today's blog post, we've selected four questions (and answers) we'd like to share.

May they bring you some amusement and insight as you get to know us a little better. Enjoy :)

P.S. HVVgirls can try to answer the following questions too!


HVV Moodboard: Poetry In Motion

07 August 2017

Coming up this week at HVV:



Happy National Day Singapore!!

You're 52 and looking good :)


For today's blog post,

we combined sneaks of our upcoming collection

with selected poems (from four female local poets).


The latter encouraged us to pause and ponder about our city-state in different ways

and we hope that you'll enjoy perusing the pieces as much as we did.


HVV wishes everyone a lovely National Day!

(Don't forget to check out our National Day Sale)

#HVVGirl's Premiere Midi

03 August 2017

Coming up this week at HVV:


One can never have enough clothes - ever! Especially when it comes to workwear.

Most ladies have a range of clothes in their wardrobe to style their tops and bottoms with - to curate a look

that best suits their mood for the day - but there are days when we want nothing more

than to slip into a fuss-free and comfortable dress

(that is appropriate for work and presentable at the same time).

Sadly, such dresses can be hard to come by.


Slip-on outfits - yes, easy to find! But comfortable? That's not always the case.


Our upcoming Premiere Midi is different! (:

It comes with the right set of details to ensure that you'll feel comfortable,

look presentable (and stylish too) at your work place.


Below the cut, you'll discover details that make Premiere a work dress you might have been looking for.

HVV Stylist Answers: 'What should I wear to graduation?'

27 July 2017



Salutations HVVgirls,

it's been awhile since we answered a styling question!


Presently, various universities are heading into/in the midst of graduation season

and some of you fresh graduates (congratulations, btw!) might be wondering what to wear

underneath that voluminous and overwhelming gown.


We're aware that some schools impose strict dress codes while others leave it open to interpretation

so we've grouped our suggestions according to formal and 'less formal' wear.

Hope this helps!

HVV Moodboard: Corporate Love

20 July 2017

Coming up this week at HVV:



As days pass by as quickly as they come, it seems that time is limited

and there is a never-ending list of things to do and people to meet.


Not to mention, work takes up a majority of your time.

Sometimes, you rush out at the start of the day

and flop right back on your bed as soon as you reach home,

leaving you with little time to do anything else - let alone

think of what clothes to wear the next day

that can present you stylishly and at your very best.


In our upcoming collection, we'll be providing everyday essentials

for one to dress up or down easily, for any occasion.

From easy slip-on one-pieces to separates that enable effortless styling and layering;

the collection pieces will last you throughout the week.


Below the cut, we delve into the noteworthy colours, styling tips/vibes

and sneaks of an upcoming piece that can solve a common workwear styling dilemma

(i.e. when you're looking for something to last you through the workday to after-work events)

and encourage some corporate love every day. 


HVV Pop-up: Plaza Singapura BTS

17 July 2017


We're currently into our 3rd month at our Plaza Singapura (PS) pop-up

but it feels like we've been around for much longer!


If you've visited our store a few times,

you might've noticed the ever-changing mannequin displays, in-store promotions and frequent new arrivals.

To bring the above to fruition, there's a lot more work and chaos going on behind-the-scenes (bts) than you might imagine.


In today's blog post, HVVHQ and the PS team would like to share some bts snippets with you HVVgirls. :)



#HVVGIRL's Ansel Striped Shift Dress

13 July 2017

Coming up this week at HVV:



Ansel is a casual slip-on dress that's soft to the touch.

It also comes with functional side pockets and a lace-up back that can be adjusted as you see fit.


Ansel's three shades (pale blue, pale green and pale grey) and unique design makes for fun styling possibilities.

 Complementary earring, make-up and accessory suggestions are below the cut!

HVV Girlfriends: Rachel K Alexa

05 July 2017


This month, #hvvgirlfriend Rachel K Alexa brings us a mini floral-market survival guide alongside special sneaks of our upcoming designs.


P.S Most of the pieces featured below are set to launch later this month.

It's a real treat to be able to share so many upcoming designs with you girls in advance!


Read on for Rachel's guest blog post:

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