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HVV Moodboard: Skirting the Issue

04 July 2017

Coming up this week at HVV:



A youthful skirt that expresses itself via flirty and fun design.

With visual suggestions on complementary makeup, accessories, hairdos, tops and more,

it's just a matter of settling on your favourite hue(s).

#HVVGirltalk Poll Round-up: In another life...

23 June 2017

If you're on HVV's mailing list,

thank you for participating in our (random) Wednesday #hvvgirltalk polls!


For our second #hvvgirltalk round-up,

we've compiled everyone's responses to those 'alternative-life' questions

with the addition of a few fun insights and comments along the way.


#HVVGIRL'S Odette Cascade Midi

19 June 2017

Coming up this week at HVV:


Most ladies have a range of clothes in their wardrobe that run the gamut from basics to work staples and dessy/statement pieces.

'All-rounder' designs - pieces that combine the best aspects of all the above categories - however, are hard to come by.


There are days when we want nothing more than to slip into a fuss-free and comfortable piece (like our basics)

that's also presentable (for work/outings) and interesting (stylistically speaking).


While the nature of life is such that we can't always have it all/not all at once, we can still try :)

Below the cut, you'll find details on our Odette Cascade Midi - a possible contender for an 'all-rounder' dress.

HVV Stylist: Styling Stripes

15 June 2017


In recent years, we've had quite a few striped designs here at HVV.

Depending on the fabric, colour combination and cut of the garment,

each striped design has always conveyed a different vibe and can be styled differently from the next.


Below the cut, we provide some visual examples on the above

with the help of some old, new and upcoming striped designs.


HVV Moodboard: Colour Carousel

08 June 2017

Coming up this week at HVV:



An immersive array of whimsical hues and colourful coordinates

that offer charm and cheer during the midsummer season.


Click through for sneaks! Some beloved designs are back in brand new shades.

HVVHQ: Conversations

06 June 2017



A compilation of conversational snippets amongst the HVVHQ team.

Enjoy :)


HVV Girlfriends: Jemma Wei

31 May 2017


Hey guys, it's Jemma guestblogging for Her Velvet Vase!


I don't know where you guys get your sense of style from,

but I definitely take cues from my environment - from people around me,

pop culture, personal preference of colour and cut..

and so when Her Velvet Vase asked me to pen a piece detailing my

five recommendations for totally underrated TV series to catch, I was so down.


Here are five relatively underrated shows I love,

and with characters who's wardrobe I'd totally want to steal:


HVV Stylist: Work / Play

29 May 2017


Hi HVV girls,

Today we'll be exploring how to pair two upcoming pieces (a corporate dress & an asymmetrical skirt) with various bags.

We've centred our suggestions around simple everyday occasions and various styles. 


#HVVGirl’s Upcoming Events: Mark Your Style

23 May 2017


Hey #HVVGirls!

Don’t let the current heat spell get the better of you – we’ve earmarked a few upcoming events

that might appeal to flower-lovers and foodies alike.


Read on for more details and event outfit suggestions

featuring some upcoming pieces.


HVVHQ Interns: Past & Present

16 May 2017



Some of us might remember what life was like back when we were interns.

Feeling small/as if you're in the midst of giants (read: grown-ups), having bouts of cluelessness

and grappling with a steep learning curve is all part and parcel of the experience.


Regardless of whether your internship(s) went well, so-so or terrible (yikes),

we all know how hard it is for interns to have their voice heard and for credit/praise to come their way.


In this blog post, we wanted to take this opportunity to give our interns (past and present)

a platform and an opportunity to share their experience here at HVVHQ.

You'll also be able to see HVV through their eyes and (hopefully) learn a new thing or two about us!

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